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On attending the initial brief it immediately became apparent that this pitch required maximum effort and understanding of the clients wishes and requirements as well as their aspirations to deliver a high quality design and full exhibition experience to Tata Steel as well as keeping within budget restrictions.

We were to design a fully functional island stand which included high view graphics, 2 main floor covering areas of carpet and safety vinyl, a main reception counter and seating areas, a hospitality bar area, full truss/rig options with an overall ariel lighting canopy and existing curved fabric banner, various client product display areas both on the stand and on the external perimeter of the stand, two 6 seater conference rooms and fully functional kitchen area to supply demand of instant refreshments.

We also had to bear in mind that existing components would need to be factored into the design as this would enable our client to keep within their budget, Audio visual elements were also factored into the design as well as interactive IT areas of the stand build as this is an area which provides the show clients to see at first hand on the stand the most up to date info on their day to day products and services etc. Taking all this into account we delivered a tremendous design which we feel has delivered as per initial brief.